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Left Bottom

Welcome to our wedding website.  We are so excited for the days ahead. We have created this site to share the planning details of our wedding…. In Anacapri Italy! (A village on the Island of Capri).

Why Capri?? The answer is actually one best described in emotion or pictures.. However, it’s best told like this:

One of our first conversations when getting to know each other was about our favorite places in the world.. And where we dream to go. One of Andrew’s favorite places was Capri.  The funny part was… one of my dream places to go was Capri… So about 8 months or so later, Andrew romantically whisked me away for a long weekend, to Capri.  It was May 2003.  The moment we approached the island on the ferry, we looked at each other and our eyes smiled at one another.  This is when we both realized how overwhelmingly beautiful this little spot on earth was, not just because of the visual beauty, but because we were there together.  I took a deep breath, and said in a whisper.. Still not sure if Andrew heard, “this is the place we will marry”.

Two years and two months later, in Little Palm Island off the Florida Keys, (the first place I ever whisked Andrew away to), Andrew placed a little box on the table during a dinner on the beach, and when I opened it, (and gasped!), Andrew leaned over on one knee, and whispered in my ear “Will you marry me?”   Little Palm Island being our second favorite little spot left the perfect opportunity to wed in Capri. 

The idea of having our wedding so far away, to share with our closest family and friends, at our most favorite spot in the world is the best gift ever.  This wedding journey is to be a time when two families become friends, and our friends become our family.

We hope you find all you need to know about getting to Capri, and we invite you to share any information you obtain along the way in our guest book.

We look forward to seeing everyone together in just a few months. 

Nichole & Andrew